a theory of human brain function

Most of the humans out there the 8 billion are not likely to be homo sapiens but some primitive version of homo sapiens they are just hominids of some kind only Cro-Magnon is human

Yeah I have not been putting much information up here at bottleneckanimal.com but I will the human animal is the supreme bottleneck animal that is why we are so powerful

Just mentioned on Twitter that Mr Elon Musk is "unschooling" his children because of me, my theories and my influence this is not surprising because I now effectively rule the world

Suppressing seizures that the brain is initiating is effectively suppressing the brain's efforts to reconstruct the network so that cognition and other brain functions are sufficiently impressive

Epilepsy is not a disease or disorder it is the brain's effort to achieve a proper configuration so it is a reconfiguration of the network and it probably is an emergency measure

April 2016 I redefined what epilepsy is and I called up Robert Fisher MD PhD at Stanford Medical School and he agreed I was probably right....he was stunned

IQ or the intelligence quotient is very important that is the foundation of brain performance but we also know that the human mammal brain develops itself and can reach very impressive heights

Once "schooling" is abandoned and it will be perhaps even pretty soon then things will really take off human productivity will dramatically increase though it may take 10-20 years to be seen

It always amused me that "schooling" was considered imperative to develop a child's brain

It is just disgusting also amazing how stupid/corrupt Ashkenazi Jews are their domination of information business/news business/media results in appalling propaganda and lies

"The Jew triumphs with lies and dies with the truth" Hans-Georg Otto ..... this is incredible so powerfully true

The scamming and bullshit is all Ashkenazi and it is just appalling the USA has Ashkenazi science indeed neuroscience is mostly nonsense and pretense

I first began to consider brain function when I was a teenager realized that human brain development went on and on some 25 years

I am probably wasting my time with friend Mr Stuart Brown MD requesting an interview he is probably a Zionist or someone who defers to Jews so he is a waste of time

It is astonishing how stupid WASP America was when they allowed millions of Jews to immigrate to the USA [1880-1920] the result is the USA is a criminal state no science no journalism

The sleep function develops the brain and during development the human brain requires a much higher number of hours in sleep function

If those hours in development are insufficient then there will be a risk of serious brain dysfunction certainly inefficient or poor cognition

In human brain development so much "downtime" is required that the play function augments the sleep function

There is little cognition in the developing brain so "instruction" or schooling is damaging to the brain because the play function is suppressed

Imbeciles and criminals run our society, Western society, but it is inevitable that knowledge and science will conquer the world

The Six Elements of Child Development (Part Two) [July 2012]

Apr 13, 2022

I have said this already in WAM, going many years back, but I suppose it is time to repeat myself. What I want to reemphasize is the lack of knowledge we have about most everything but particularly concerning our development, our early development. That's not to say that most people have doubts about what they know and what they do in life. They do not, they think we know a lot and that we are smart and that we are doing quite well. It's simply not true, obviously. We are failing in many respects and what we do now has very little "scientific" basis. I frankly do not think the "experts" have any idea what they are talking about. Their "knowledge" is quite ridiculous, it's almost useless and it might well even be damaging to us -- or rather, it is damaging to us. Very damaging.

I've had this impression since I was a very young man, but it is obviously very difficult to make a persuasive case for anything concerning "the human condition" or "human development" or "child development" when you are in your 20s. Society has "institutions" and these institutions become the church, the religion, and there is no real chance to challenge the church and church dogma. It does not matter at all whether you are right. The authorities will promote their dogma despite its obvious shortcomings and failures. Does it shock you that humankind required so much time to get to where we are now? It should not. Ignorance is what rules the world and you had better come to quickly appreciate that because that is the reality. Failing to recognize this reality may get you into a lot of difficulties.

I am quite certain that my "six elements" of child development are correct and that science and experience will prove me correct. This will take a while, of course, many many years. The elite, the authorities, will not accept that they are stupid or corrupt. They will do whatever they can to preserve their power and authority, even if this destroys the society and the interests of the people.

If we do appreciate how to fully exploit the first 20-25 years or so of child brain development we would make much more rapid progress in solving our problems and overcoming our challenges. This would be the most powerful science we would have and we would be astonished -- shocked -- at how important and valuable it is. I have expressed this thesis many times in WAM. As I have said, the United States is very very corrupt, even evil. I have explained the source of this problem over and over again in the past months and I really do not feel like outlining the situation once again. We will have to wait for the destruction of American society before we see any real knowledge and science come forward. Yes, it is a sad situation, but that is the situation the Ashkenazi Jews [euphemistically called "Zionist authorities"] impose on us.