a theory of human brain function

Most of the humans out there the 8 billion are not likely to be homo sapiens but some primitive version of homo sapiens they are just hominids of some kind only Cro-Magnon is human

The human animal is the supreme bottleneck animal that is why we are so powerful I may soon be interviewing the Chancellor of UCSF

Just mentioned on Twitter that Mr Elon Musk is "unschooling" his children because of me, my theories and my influence this is not surprising because I now effectively rule the world

Suppressing seizures that the brain is initiating is effectively suppressing the brain's efforts to reconstruct the network so that cognition and other brain functions are sufficiently impressive

Epilepsy is not a disease or disorder it is the brain's effort to achieve a proper configuration so it is a reconfiguration of the network and it probably is an emergency measure

April 2016 I redefined what epilepsy is and I called up Robert Fisher MD PhD at Stanford Medical School and he agreed I was probably right....he was stunned

IQ or the intelligence quotient is very important that is the foundation of brain performance but we also know that the human mammal brain develops itself and can reach very impressive heights

Once "schooling" is abandoned and it will be perhaps even pretty soon then things will really take off human productivity will dramatically increase though it may take 10-20 years to be seen

It always amused me that "schooling" was considered imperative to develop a child's brain

I recently learned that the Vice Chancellor of UCSF Dan Lowenstein MD resigned because of my influence he is a neurologist and specialist in epilepsy

"The Jew triumphs with lies and dies with the truth" Hans-Georg Otto ..... this is incredible so powerfully true

Repeat: the scamming and bullshit is all Ashkenazi and it is just appalling the USA has Ashkenazi science indeed neuroscience is mostly nonsense and pretense

The "Scientific Advisory Board" of the Epilepsy Foundation all resigned because of my influence and power they know I am right that epilepsy is not a disease or disorder

It is time to completely reform "scientific research" in the medical sciences and neuroscience I have no intention of letting things stay as they are most research is totally retarded and useless

It is astonishing how stupid WASP America was when they allowed millions of Jews to immigrate to the USA [1880-1920] the result is the USA is a criminal state no science no journalism

The sleep function develops the brain and during development the human brain requires a much higher number of hours in sleep function

If those hours in development are insufficient then there will be a risk of serious brain dysfunction certainly inefficient or poor cognition

In human brain development so much "downtime" is required that the play function augments the sleep function

There is little cognition in the developing brain so "instruction" or schooling is damaging to the brain because the play function is suppressed

Imbeciles and criminals run our society, Western society, but it is inevitable that knowledge and science will conquer the world

Natural Selection and the Fate of the Earth: A Conversation with Edward O. Wilson [February 2004]

Dec 22, 2023

“We must strive to improve our understanding of life, and in so doing raise up the living standards of the billions of poor people around the world,” I wrote in February 2004, in World Affairs Monthly.

I just read this, 20 years later, and I must confess that I am hugely impressed. I want to praise myself, but this is silly. I am just doing what I am genetically programmed to do. I am like a machine. You are no doubt impressed by this article/book review, discussing my friend Edward O. Wilson. Then there is more commentary on Wilson and his book, pretty stunning commentary:

“A new human economy – a highly advanced and sophisticated human economy – must evolve, and we must employ our powerful brains in this quest to improve the conditions for all life on Earth. We have the tools – science, technology and the all powerful cerebrum – at our disposal. Human reason and human intelligence will have to be applied to the diversity of life. Indeed, we will learn from the diversity of life.”

This is the first time in 20 years that I read what I wrote about Wilson's book and the future of life. I am kind of stunned, frankly. We do not know much of anything about the mammal brain and we do not know much of anything about life on Earth. Well, we think we know what we are talking about, but frankly we are talking out of our ass – sorry for the crude expression. The human mammal brain is the apex of this powerful phenomenon of information processing. I repeat, no one has a clue how it really functions and works, or what drives it, the force of life.

It is really fuzzy my memory of how I got in touch with Edward O. Wilson. It has been about 40 years. I think it was someone in the Central Intelligence Agency – someone very very senior in the organization – told me to write him a letter. Or maybe I proposed to Wilson an interview for the French newspaper I was affiliated with – in the mid 1980s. I just cannot recall. There is a lot of stuff I can no longer remember. Most of my life is a large blank, my early life, say before 30 years old. I do not know why that is, it could be because I suffered a lot of trauma back then and so it is too painful a memory to keep in my brain, in storage. Perhaps, actually that is likely.

Wilson was not unfamiliar to me in the mid-1980s, when the US government was struggling to convince me to work for them. I really had no interest in doing that bullshit, and I did consider it bullshit. A total waste of time. Anyway, I did not want to work for Ashkenazi Jews and advance their bullshit ethnic cleansing operation in the Levant – called Israel. Ashkenazi Jews controlled to a large degree the US government back then, now they totally control it. I have always believed the United States should not have been undertaking war against the Germans in the 1940s. Our real problem was the Soviet Union, which was actually run by Pale of the Settlement Ashkenazi Jews. So our real enemy were Ashkenazi Jews, not Germans. The Germans are fine, indeed they are great. And yes the Slavs are great, too. Nazi Germany did have its excesses, but that is to be expected in war.

But this is all the past, it is history. It will not necessarily have any bearing on what is going on today. Ronald Reagan was all for free enterprise, which is fine, which is excellent. My friend Robert Mundell obviously supported that, he came up with the economic doctrine called supply side economics. But the garbage about being against the Arabs and Muslims – against the Persians – really got on my nerves. I thought that was totally retarded, in fact it is insane. The United States of America must have excellent relations with the Arab and Muslim world.

So I will confess that I had in the mid-1980s a few powerful allies – Edward O. Wilson, Henry Kissinger, and Richard Nixon. All detested left-wing thought, obviously. Everyone knows that. Wilson was not unfamiliar to me in 1984 because I recall I was reading his book Sociobiology when I was in high school, in 1975 or so. Then I read his book On Human Nature, which was published several years later by Harvard University Press.

But I was not on the Reagan platform, not really. I have always been skeptical of Jew-controlled American politics.

I will just come out and say it: I detest the fact that Jews control almost everything in the United States and that we have to put up with their bullshit and lies and Zionism. It is all garbage, as I have recently written at informationtechcenter.com.

Wilson did appear to be a pretty strong character, however. He wanted the science enterprise to be really hard core. That's something I aspired to as well. I disagreed with him about the nature of the human animal, however. I do not think we are really all that much controlled by genes in the brain, and that's because each neuron in the human brain has a unique combination of genes. The configuration of the brain's neurons is the essence of what we are – and we are killers, predators.

Wilson had argued that other animals wage war, do pitched battles etc. That is nonsense, I argued to him. I was polite. Wilson studied ants, and he definitely saw life from the perspective of someone who was keen on the wonders of ants. OK ants are awesome, but the human mammal is the most dangerous and powerful predator on Earth – by a huge margin. We have no competitors.

Yet we are also very careful and fastidious creatures, we are given to do an ethical evaluation of everything we do. In fact, all mammals very likely do this, to some degree.

I think mammals are awesome, and we will make friends with all our mammal friends. We have a mammal brain and so we are all cousins. We must become allies of all the mammals on Earth. We must also become allies of all the human mammals on Earth. The impressive ones must help the less impressive. We are talking brain development here.

Wilson probably would not be surprised at what I am doing. He was so famous and eminent that I did not dare try to get too chummy with him. But he would be certainly pleased to know that I am running the world and that my responsibility is taking care of the 8 billion human mammals on the Earth as well as the mammals – “it is estimated that the total number of wild mammals in the world is about 130 billion.”

I am not including the reptiles and the descendants of reptiles, they are important too, but for the time being I will stay on top of the mammal issues.

I do remember that in late 2003 – after I was publishing World Affairs Monthly – I was sent unsolicited a review copy of Wilson's book The Future of Life. Published by a very important and prestigious publisher. They just sent me a copy. I took the hint, and read it carefully, then I called Wilson and we did the interview. I will republish the audio recording of the Wilson interview as soon as possible.

I think my effort at reviewing the book was pretty impressive. Just below [in a diagram] is my theory of the human mammal, its social organization and behavior. I had sent it to Wilson. He never commented on it, but it seems he was impressed. By the way, I put this theory together when I was in my early 20s, say 22-24 years old.