a theory of human brain function

Most of the humans out there the 8 billion are not likely to be homo sapiens but some primitive version of homo sapiens they are just hominids of some kind only Cro-Magnon is human

The human animal is the supreme bottleneck animal that is why we are so powerful I may soon be interviewing the Chancellor of UCSF

Just mentioned on Twitter that Mr Elon Musk is "unschooling" his children because of me, my theories and my influence this is not surprising because I now effectively rule the world

Suppressing seizures that the brain is initiating is effectively suppressing the brain's efforts to reconstruct the network so that cognition and other brain functions are sufficiently impressive

Epilepsy is not a disease or disorder it is the brain's effort to achieve a proper configuration so it is a reconfiguration of the network and it probably is an emergency measure

April 2016 I redefined what epilepsy is and I called up Robert Fisher MD PhD at Stanford Medical School and he agreed I was probably right....he was stunned

IQ or the intelligence quotient is very important that is the foundation of brain performance but we also know that the human mammal brain develops itself and can reach very impressive heights

Once "schooling" is abandoned and it will be perhaps even pretty soon then things will really take off human productivity will dramatically increase though it may take 10-20 years to be seen

It always amused me that "schooling" was considered imperative to develop a child's brain

I recently learned that the Vice Chancellor of UCSF Dan Lowenstein MD resigned because of my influence he is a neurologist and specialist in epilepsy

"The Jew triumphs with lies and dies with the truth" Hans-Georg Otto ..... this is incredible so powerfully true

Repeat: the scamming and bullshit is all Ashkenazi and it is just appalling the USA has Ashkenazi science indeed neuroscience is mostly nonsense and pretense

The "Scientific Advisory Board" of the Epilepsy Foundation all resigned because of my influence and power they know I am right that epilepsy is not a disease or disorder

It is time to completely reform "scientific research" in the medical sciences and neuroscience I have no intention of letting things stay as they are most research is totally retarded and useless

It is astonishing how stupid WASP America was when they allowed millions of Jews to immigrate to the USA [1880-1920] the result is the USA is a criminal state no science no journalism

The sleep function develops the brain and during development the human brain requires a much higher number of hours in sleep function

If those hours in development are insufficient then there will be a risk of serious brain dysfunction certainly inefficient or poor cognition

In human brain development so much "downtime" is required that the play function augments the sleep function

There is little cognition in the developing brain so "instruction" or schooling is damaging to the brain because the play function is suppressed

Imbeciles and criminals run our society, Western society, but it is inevitable that knowledge and science will conquer the world

Getting into the Mind of the Enemy: Interview with Jerrold Post MD, former CIA psychiatrist, founder of the CIA's Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior [January 2003]

Dec 17, 2023

It is not something I am eager to speak frankly about, and that should be for obvious reasons. I will however express the most important meaning I got from all these disparate thoughts. There is a job to do, and I always was determined to do the best job I could do given the circumstances. And what exactly is this job?

To get closer and closer to knowledge, to the truth. Determine the facts, the reality. Jerrold Post and I were definitely friends, he trusted my judgment and he certainly liked me. I was not seeking his approval or anything else. He knew I was just doing my work. Obviously he was hugely impressed.

I had not talked to him often, and I confess that I pretty much forgot about him for many years. It was not that I was losing interest, the problem I had was time, there is only so much time. I am insanely busy, I was always insanely busy. There is never any time to sit back and reconsider everything, there is always a new problem, a new issue that needs to be analyzed and assessed. There is also the problem of not feeling really comfortable with the knowledge – the conventional wisdom – that everyone seems to accept – uncritically.

I knew that Post was opposed to Donald Trump. Trump is disliked for a number of reasons but the most important reason is that he is seen as an agent of the Israeli right wing political establishment. And is he? Of course he is. Every prominent American political figure is owned by Jews and Israel – the Israeli government. October 7, 2023 confirms this, plainly. American Jews and the Israeli state totally control the United States of America. Jews in Israel can massacre tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza and the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, thinks this is acceptable. Jews can kill anyone they want, and in huge numbers, and it is just fine. They have a good reason to do it, right?

Actually I predict that many American leaders, including Joe Biden, will be eventually be arrested and sent to the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands. You are shocked that I assert this? You should not be. I am simply doing my job. Antony Blinken, Biden's secretary of state, is undoubtedly an agent of Israel, most likely he is Israeli intelligence. I was friends with his stepfather Samuel Pisar for 35 years or so. Pisar was certainly Israeli intelligence.

There are of course two camps in Israeli intelligence. There is the rational camp, and there is the irrational camp. The irrational camp is extreme Zionism. I say irrational because it is obvious that the goals of the extreme Zionists will never be achieved – though they will certainly try.

Politics is often pretty bizarre and international politics can be even more bizarre, and you will likely accept this as a factual statement. There is no debating it. It is obvious, right?

Jerrold Post in 2019 told me to call Ms Bandy X Lee, MD. I did not know who she was, I found out she was arguing that Donald Trump was “mentally ill” in some way. She's a psychiatrist, and at the time she was on the faculty of the Yale School of Medicine. I did call her and we talked for about 50 minutes. I unfortunately did not record the discussion. I was just not ready to do the recording operation. So it all went unrecorded but I took extensive notes. Lee is a very nice woman, I had a very favorable view of her. Nothing negative at all.

I have a review copy of Post's book about Trump, and I have a full explication of Lee's views on Trump. I will have to go back and look at Post's book. So what is my own view?

Donald Trump is a "realistic type" of man, he is not anything but pragmatic. A friend of mine calls his politics “angry and divisive” and certainly this is true. But Trump does often speak the truth, and this is impressive. The problem is, as I have argued, Trump is aligned with hard right Zionism. Most of the Republican Party is as well, obviously, so Trump is not really standing out at all.I do not think Donald Trump has any special policy-making power, however. His influence over policy is limited. Is he mentally ill? Ty Cobb, another friend of mine, a lawyer and former senior prosecutor for the Department of Justice in Washington, told me that Trump is narcissistic. This is also what Post argued.

I do not think Trump's judgment is always very good, it is OK, but I do think he is somewhat unstable. Again, this is not easy to assess and evaluate. There was no Russian collusion, so the US government was misguided in that investigation. It was unfair, totally unfair. So I sympathize with Trump's view of that. Yes it was a “witch hunt” and relations with Russia will be very good. Indeed, the United States of America and Russia will effectively be allies – we will be in an entente, together with China. I make policy, no one else does. Henry Kissinger agreed with me, and I have recently argued that Kissinger called his world leader friends on the telephone – or met them in person – and told them I was making policy and that no one else was making policy – just me. I know it is funny.

Mental illness? What is it? See my article at bottleneckanimal.com on the 4 brain functions. It is not an illness. It is the sleep function breaking into the brain's cognitive or awake mode [or function]. I had no problem with my friend Jerrold Post. He was very hard-working and sincere. I was appalled to learn of his illness, when we last talked in 2019. He told me he was very ill and would die soon.

I will republish the audio recording of this 2003 interview with Jerrold Post as soon as I get around to it. Should be pretty soon. By the way, Post told me in one of our last conversations, probably in 2019, "we [the CIA] had no idea you would become so powerful and influential, that you were an amazing and talented polymath." I tried to be polite, and of course it was flattering to hear such praise but I have never been interested in this kind of thing, the praise. I do what I need to do, and that's all I do. I do not listen to anyone, really.

Jerrold Post was a great guy, I was upset to learn from him that he was going to die.