a theory of human brain function

Most of the humans out there the 8 billion are not likely to be homo sapiens but some primitive version of homo sapiens they are just hominids of some kind only Cro-Magnon is human

The human animal is the supreme bottleneck animal that is why we are so powerful I may soon be interviewing the Chancellor of UCSF

Just mentioned on Twitter that Mr Elon Musk is "unschooling" his children because of me, my theories and my influence this is not surprising because I now effectively rule the world

Suppressing seizures that the brain is initiating is effectively suppressing the brain's efforts to reconstruct the network so that cognition and other brain functions are sufficiently impressive

Epilepsy is not a disease or disorder it is the brain's effort to achieve a proper configuration so it is a reconfiguration of the network and it probably is an emergency measure

April 2016 I redefined what epilepsy is and I called up Robert Fisher MD PhD at Stanford Medical School and he agreed I was probably right....he was stunned

IQ or the intelligence quotient is very important that is the foundation of brain performance but we also know that the human mammal brain develops itself and can reach very impressive heights

Once "schooling" is abandoned and it will be perhaps even pretty soon then things will really take off human productivity will dramatically increase though it may take 10-20 years to be seen

It always amused me that "schooling" was considered imperative to develop a child's brain

I recently learned that the Vice Chancellor of UCSF Dan Lowenstein MD resigned because of my influence he is a neurologist and specialist in epilepsy

"The Jew triumphs with lies and dies with the truth" Hans-Georg Otto ..... this is incredible so powerfully true

Repeat: the scamming and bullshit is all Ashkenazi and it is just appalling the USA has Ashkenazi science indeed neuroscience is mostly nonsense and pretense

The "Scientific Advisory Board" of the Epilepsy Foundation all resigned because of my influence and power they know I am right that epilepsy is not a disease or disorder

It is time to completely reform "scientific research" in the medical sciences and neuroscience I have no intention of letting things stay as they are most research is totally retarded and useless

It is astonishing how stupid WASP America was when they allowed millions of Jews to immigrate to the USA [1880-1920] the result is the USA is a criminal state no science no journalism

The sleep function develops the brain and during development the human brain requires a much higher number of hours in sleep function

If those hours in development are insufficient then there will be a risk of serious brain dysfunction certainly inefficient or poor cognition

In human brain development so much "downtime" is required that the play function augments the sleep function

There is little cognition in the developing brain so "instruction" or schooling is damaging to the brain because the play function is suppressed

Imbeciles and criminals run our society, Western society, but it is inevitable that knowledge and science will conquer the world

The Evil of Zionism and Israel: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky [February 2009]

Jan 09, 2024

My first encounter with Noam Chomsky was in 1981-1982. I was living in Westwood, Los Angeles. I had just gotten my BS at Santa Clara University [1980] and what I was doing in Los Angeles was experimenting with the idea that I might get a PhD. So I was going to the University of California, Los Angeles [UCLA]. I was not formally enrolled in any kind of graduate studies, I was just messing around. What it really amounted to was postponing a decision on what the hell I was going to do with my life – what kind of “job” I was going to get.

UCLA was cool but the first thing I noticed was that there were these people called Jews – Ashkenazi Jews. Up until my UCLA sojourn I had no idea what Jews were. It was really a shock. I had a buddy from Saratoga, CA – who will go unnamed – who accompanied me on this southern California sojourn [at UCLA]. He was a sincere guy, he was fine, and I had known him since I was 13 years old or so. He needed help, so I helped him. This is what I have been doing all my life. I did not tell him what I was thinking of Jews at the time – my shock and indeed horror. I rarely tell anyone what I really think.

One day my buddy and I were walking across the main part of the UCLA campus and we saw in the distance Noam Chomsky up on a podium addressing an audience of students. It was a sizable audience. Chomsky had a megaphone, I seem to remember. He was talking, giving a speech. There were a lot of placards. I think he was talking about American foreign policy, which he was undoubtedly highly critical of. I did not really know who Chomsky was, I certainly was familiar with the name but I had not really ever paid attention to him. Any why? He was a left-wing guy, perhaps even extreme left. So I pretty much dismissed what these types were saying. Of course, I knew he was Jewish – ultimately from the Pale of Settlement.

I did not go up to him and try to talk to him. I did not bother, even though I pretty much agreed with his criticism of the foreign policy of the American government in Washington, DC. Anyway, I did not know anything about him, other than that he was a professor of linguistics, that he made a name for himself as a theoretician of the language function in the human brain.

Maybe I should have gone up to him and introduced myself. Probably should have. I now regret not doing so. I was around 22 years old, I was just beginning to emerge as a so-called intellectual. I was very much willing to challenge academic orthodoxy, but at that point in my life I had not realized I would be devoting my life – and career – to the information business. OK call it the information/knowledge business. I was really a journalist, but I did not realize it yet.

I have since come to realize that Chomsky is what I would call a “good Jew” – though this will be seen by many as a derisive statement. Chomsky and I are friends, no doubt. I have not talked to him for a number of years. He is 95 years old. His fixation on the evils of capitalism was really stupid, I would tell him that [though I never did explicitly tell him that]. His fondness for left-wing politics is also stupid, and again, I never did tell him that. I believe he has moderated these criticisms of free market capitalism in the past 20 years. He was no doubt enraged by the American endorsement – and outright support – of right-wing dictators and also of Israel.

I am certain Chomsky would agree with me about Israel. It is the most retarded thing in the world. It is the height of cruelty. It is an abomination that the United States government – captured by Ashkenazi Jews – have financially and militarily supported Israel since 1948. Ashkenazi Jews totally control the United States government. The current American head of state Joe Biden is their puppet, they totally control him. Biden is inept, he is a total fake, but this is what the Jews want in the White House.

Everyone in Washington is totally controlled by Ashkenazi Jews.

Ashkenazi Jews are basically a mafia. Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky obviously elected to not go along with the Ashkenazi Jew mafia. I admire both men. Sure, I would have some criticisms of Noam, and you know what they are – the left-wing bullshit is really irritating.

There is, however, a realization now in Washington – I am guessing that this is so – that this Ashkenazi Jew Zionism scam [American/European colonialism project] is really dangerous, that is it totally deranged. As I have recently argued, if Joe Biden were to decide to “go off the reservation” then the Ashkenazi Jew mafia would plan to assassinate him. Either Biden does what he is told, or he is finished – dead.

The American federal government is controlled by Ashkenazi Jewish criminals. They have assembled a fair number of acolytes, to be sure. Americans of European genetic heritage. It is extremely unfortunate the American government allowed Ashkenazi Jews from Russia, from the Pale of Settlement, to immigrate to the United States [from 1880 until around 1920 or so]. This was a grave error.

I do not know how this will all be worked out. This is a freaky situation and it is actually quite frightening. Israel is finished, Zionism is finished. The Arab regimes, and they are all dictatorships, are finished. They are all there to protect Israel. Their only purpose is to protect Israel.

Israel will be destroyed, there is no doubt. It is just a question of time. More than likely, the United States of America will also be destroyed. This is because there is no difference between Israel and the United States. The tail wags the dog, as they say.

If Ashkenazi Jews in the United States can abandon their criminal lifestyle, and if the United States Department of Justice could extricate itself from Ashkenazi Jew control, then what we might see is some progress as the United States of America re-establishes itself as a civilized nation. It was and remains a great force in the world, but now it is a force at the disposal of the Ashkenazi Jew mafia. Right now it is not civilized, it is barbaric and criminal. And that's because of the influence of Ashkenazi Jews. I will republish the audio recording of the February 2009 interview I did with Noam Chomsky as soon as possible.

By the way, the final 3 images published below are comments from Ron Unz's publication on the net: unz.com. Ron Unz is an Ashkenazi Jew, an American. While it is almost impossible to find intelligent commentary in the "mainstream media" in the United States and Europe -- it is all Ashkenazi Jew propaganda -- you will realize that Unz is making an impressive effort to rectify this. I am tending to agree with the opinions expressed by these readers of unz.com