a theory of human brain function

Most of the humans out there the 8 billion are not likely to be homo sapiens but some primitive version of homo sapiens they are just hominids of some kind only Cro-Magnon is human

The human animal is the supreme bottleneck animal that is why we are so powerful I may soon be interviewing the Chancellor of UCSF

Just mentioned on Twitter that Mr Elon Musk is "unschooling" his children because of me, my theories and my influence this is not surprising because I now effectively rule the world

Suppressing seizures that the brain is initiating is effectively suppressing the brain's efforts to reconstruct the network so that cognition and other brain functions are sufficiently impressive

Epilepsy is not a disease or disorder it is the brain's effort to achieve a proper configuration so it is a reconfiguration of the network and it probably is an emergency measure

April 2016 I redefined what epilepsy is and I called up Robert Fisher MD PhD at Stanford Medical School and he agreed I was probably right....he was stunned

IQ or the intelligence quotient is very important that is the foundation of brain performance but we also know that the human mammal brain develops itself and can reach very impressive heights

Once "schooling" is abandoned and it will be perhaps even pretty soon then things will really take off human productivity will dramatically increase though it may take 10-20 years to be seen

It always amused me that "schooling" was considered imperative to develop a child's brain

I recently learned that the Vice Chancellor of UCSF Dan Lowenstein MD resigned because of my influence he is a neurologist and specialist in epilepsy

"The Jew triumphs with lies and dies with the truth" Hans-Georg Otto ..... this is incredible so powerfully true

Repeat: the scamming and bullshit is all Ashkenazi and it is just appalling the USA has Ashkenazi science indeed neuroscience is mostly nonsense and pretense

The "Scientific Advisory Board" of the Epilepsy Foundation all resigned because of my influence and power they know I am right that epilepsy is not a disease or disorder

It is time to completely reform "scientific research" in the medical sciences and neuroscience I have no intention of letting things stay as they are most research is totally retarded and useless

It is astonishing how stupid WASP America was when they allowed millions of Jews to immigrate to the USA [1880-1920] the result is the USA is a criminal state no science no journalism

The sleep function develops the brain and during development the human brain requires a much higher number of hours in sleep function

If those hours in development are insufficient then there will be a risk of serious brain dysfunction certainly inefficient or poor cognition

In human brain development so much "downtime" is required that the play function augments the sleep function

There is little cognition in the developing brain so "instruction" or schooling is damaging to the brain because the play function is suppressed

Imbeciles and criminals run our society, Western society, but it is inevitable that knowledge and science will conquer the world

Spectrum of Human Sexuality

Jun 05, 2022

My first really serious investigation into what is human sexuality came when I bought the newly published The Evolution of Human Sexuality by Donald Symons. This probably was in 1981. I was down in Los Angeles, actually West Los Angeles, going to UCLA and sort of considering doing work towards some kind of graduate degree. It was not serious my attempt to do so-called “graduate work” but I did want to check out the big city as I was from Saratoga, CA which is Santa Clara County in the San Francisco Bay Area. Very much WASP and very interesting and very affluent but it was not that big and not that crazy. Los Angeles was big and it was pretty crazy – it's when I realized there were Jews, Ashkenazi Jews. They were present in West Los Angeles, and at UCLA. I discovered they were mostly crazy, they were left wing, even communist.

Oxford University Press probably would not be publishing something like the Symons book today. All we hear about today is how great homosexuality is, how great homosexuals are, how great lesbians are, how great sexual deviants are, how many “transgenders” there are and how great they are. This is all the lame efforts of Ashkenazi Jews to pontificate on the issue of human sexuality. Sometimes I want to ask if this is the United States of America I grew up in. I just do not recognize it today. The Jews have turned into it a bizarre freak show. You cannot really get through the day without laughing – you will risk dying laughing.

So the purpose of my little article today is to introduce the topic of human sexuality and what I think of human sexuality. It is a rather large and complex topic but I will say here what I think is most important – I will provide a synopsis. The images below are an effective way to get this information/knowledge across quickly and efficiently. I am going to argue that about 70% of the females are not really suitable for reproduction. Certainly when things are difficult and the options are limited then yes they can make do but mostly they are not really suitable. They are not beautiful or attractive and they are not intelligent. As mothers they will be inattentive and even irresponsible. Probably many, the ones who are not really unattractive, will be promiscuous or the ladies that happily go with many men. Why not? It is a lifestyle, it's good money.

As far as the males are concerned, it is sort of the same thing but actually even worse. Some 95% of men will tend to be what I call “cannon fodder males” – they will want to be soldiers and actually get kind of thrilled by the idea of dying in combat. They are not interested in marriage, they merely want to unload their sperm, to ejaculate often and it is not really important how this is done. That's why there are considerable numbers of men who might be identified as homosexual. “During spermatogenesis, your testicles make several million sperm per day — about 1,500 per second. By the end of a full sperm production cycle, you can regenerate up to 8 billion sperm. This may seem like overkill, but you release anywhere from 20 to 300 million sperm cells in a single milliliter of semen.” That's a lot of sperm to ejaculate. Do you really care where it goes so long as it goes? This is in stark contrast to a female's situation. “Over the course of a lifetime your ovaries will release about 500 eggs in their mature form. When the supply of eggs runs out, your ovaries cease to make estrogen, and you will go through the menopause.”

I am not going to say more at this time, I want to keep this article very brief. This is however the reality of human sexuality and I am estimating that the respective brains of male and female are quite distant from each other – there are profound differences between the male and female brains. The fundamental reason the Jews get some traction with their crazy human sexuality perceptions is because so many of the human animals out there are not really going to be reproducing – at least reproducing in a serious way.

By the way, it was about 15 years ago that I called up Mr Donald Symons PhD to see if he might be interested in doing an interview. "I'm finished with all that, so no I do not want to talk to you about this," he told me [it's a pretty good paraphrase of what he really told me]. I am figuring he's gotten so much abuse from Ashkenazi Jews and women that he's fed up and become reclusive. Probably this is true. In the Jew World you do not talk/discuss reality, you make up everything and you do it all for political reasons. 

By the way, as far as my own position on the spectrum is concerned, you may want to know a little about me. I have a family and a wife. We've been married for 34 years. I have published some photos below. I will be writing part two of this article pretty soon.